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This is not a kraken; it is a picture of a kraken.
This is not a kraken; it is a picture of a kraken.
  • I am a former administrator/system operator of this site, MTGS Wiki.

"some do; some teach; the rest look it up"
archivist (urza's saga)

Contact me
E-mail is currently inaccessible...

  • Note that the more relevant information you give me, the more help I can give you; things such as who you are and why you have corresponded with me would be helpful — for example, as many as possible of the five Ws and one H ("who", "what", "when", "where", "why", and "how") in the body of your message would be appreciated and better help me help you.
About me
Human Being
Jen - Aunt Irma.jpg
(on MTGS Wiki)
Magic Mage
Name: Jen
  • I am busy. You should be too.
Me, Magic, and MTGS
  • I do not "do" Magic of any variety — play, collecting, reading, storylines, art, card and/or set design — any more.
    • If and when life puts itself on my backburner, I might then consider considering Magic.
  • I am a hanger-on at MTGS for the MTGS Wiki, not cards and not all that much for community now.
  • I am not a staff member at MTGS.
    • I probably was not, am not, and will not be wanted as a staff member, for a gamut of reasons; perhaps the amount of "do not want" is comparable to how much I don't want to be one, also for a gamut of reasons.
    • For starters, I lack patience and the desire to deal (and "deal") so extensively with subsets of people. I am also not a fan of "bureaucratic tyranny" and things, not that I'm implying that MTGS is a bureaucratic tyranny or anything. In fact, I believe in benevolent dictatorship/totalitarianism à la mode de Singapore (Singapour).
Rawr. This is a picture of the Scourge card Dragon Tyrant's art.
I am a wiki-Mistform Ultimus.
The subtype "Dragon" is purely for flavour.
I am the (embodiment of the) wiki.
For those that do not understand a joke, this is one. Though, I am protective of the wiki, having fostered it since 2006, when it was in an "interesting" state.
Me and MTGS Wiki
My editing
  • As a hanger-on for the MTGS Wiki and not having much to do with Magic, most of my edits are rather minor and do not deal with the addition of massively important things. I do edits concerning templates, figures, expansions (with help from the official site), spelling and style, spacing, formatting, and administrative things. I would also like to think of myself as the PR person, even though it probably could do without it, given the readership.
  • I'm English and use English. English is the only English I shall use on user- and user talk-namespace pages. The only exception to this is words that have specific meanings in Magic, such as "color".
    • To standardise MTGS Wiki, however, I endorse and even expect the use of American English with respect to spelling (e.g., "color" rather than "colour"), except for some words such as encyclopaedia, as used on Main Page.
    • For other orthographic matters, such as quotation marks or inverted commas and full-stops or periods, I would rather you use British English conventions (e.g., "Restrictions breed creativity". rather than "Restrictions breed creativity.").
    • For dates, use the American convention of MM/DD/YYYY and Month Day, Year, as opposed to, say, the British or Australian/New Zealand one of DD/MM/YYYY and Day Month Year.
    • For words such as "brand-new" and "co-operation", among others, use hyphens. Grammar Girl, for example, has tips on the use of hyphens.
      • Do not overhyphenate and do not underhyphenate. (See, for example, "Commonly Mis-hyphenated Words" at Case Western Reserve University.)
      • Do this: "A crisis in the U.S. sub-prime mortgage market will affect Britain", he said, warning that the housing market is likely to weaken as a result. However, he insisted that the economy is starting from "a very strong position". Tick.png
      • Or this: "Hello, world", she said. Tick.png
      • Do neither this: When we have got a contractor city, say, of 180,000 people, and there hasn't been a completed prosecution of anybody coming out of Iraq, not one," he said, "what sort of city in America would be like that, where no one is prosecuted for anything for three years? It's unthinkable. Cross.png
      • Nor this: "Hello, world," she said. Cross.png
    • Use "dumb" (") quotation marks rather than "smart quotation marks" (”) and apostrophes (') rather than ’ typographic apostrophes, which look like primes (′).
  • I am a fan of placeholders, but I am not a fan of mindlessly doing process work. I know full well that I intend on making significant edits and changes. I know full well that I shall do them.
  • English is not my first or mother-tongue language. It is a learned language, albeit one in which I have a near-native level of proficiency.
My philosophy
  • I am human and you are too in all that they entail. We are liable to error; we should have some appreciation for rationality; and we should have some freedom from monotony and routine.
  • I shall block those that do bad, such as spammers, vandals, and habitual, repeat, or recidivist offenders.
  • The wiki should focus on the eternal, not the ephemeral. As of September 2012, I am kraken (cracking) down on clans and, soon thereafter, userpages. Clans and userpages often go hand-in-hand, with users linking to their clans. In any case, it's more of a legal/ethical consideration. If you still want a user/vanity page, by all means create one; but, leave a note that you understand the potential and real risks of having one and having your stuff on the Web. Things to focus on include pages/stubs that are here already, things for which you can create a solid article with references, and sets and expansions.
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