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The Theros block, is comprised of the large expansion Theros (Therossymbol.jpg), and the two small expansions Born of the Gods (BNGsymbol.jpg), and Journey into Nyx (JOUsymbol.jpg). It is the 20th block in Magic: The Gathering history. The block will be released over 2013–2014.[1]


Block details

Theros block features a top-down design inspired by Greek mythology. Mechanically it is also very much about tapping into the potential of enchantments. [2]


THS logo.jpg

Development codenames

The development codenames for the Theros block expansions were "Friends", "Romans", and "Countrymen".

Themes and mechanics

Mega cycles

The Theros block has two mega cycles.

Cycle name Description and notes White card(s) Blue card(s) Black card(s) Red card(s) Green card(s)
Pantheon of Gods
Each color as well as each two-color pair receives a Legendary Enchantment Creature with the type God.
All of these cards are indestructible, have a triggered or static ability, and cease to be creatures unless your Devotion to the appropriate colors is high enough.
The mono-colored gods appearing in Theros also each have an activated ability designating them as major gods, while the color-pair Gods are called minor.
Allied-colored gods appear in Born of the Gods while enemy-colored gods appear in Journey into Nyx
Heliod, God of the Sun
Thassa, God of the Sea
Erebos, God of the Dead
Purphoros, God of the Forge
Nylea, God of the Hunt
Ephara, God of the Polis
(Born of the Gods.Manawu.gif)
Phenax, God of Deception
(Born of the Gods.Manaub.gif)
Mogis, God of Slaughter
(Born of the Gods.Manabr.gif)
Xenagos, God of Revels
(Born of the Gods.Manarg.gif)
Karametra, God of Harvests
(Born of the Gods.Managw.gif)
Athreos, God of Passage
(Journey into Nyx, Manawb.gif)
Keranos, God of Storms
(Journey into Nyx, Manaur.gif)
Pharika, God of Affliction
(Journey into Nyx, Manabg.gif)
Iroas, God of Victory
(Journey into Nyx, Manarw.gif)
Kruphix, God of Horizons
(Journey into Nyx, Managu.gif)
Each of these rare lands can tap for two different colors of mana, enter the battlefield tapped and upon entering, allow you to scry 1.
In Theros, two of the temples are allied colored and three are enemy colored, following the same distribution as Gatecrash.
Temple of Enlightenment
(Born of the GodsManawu.gif)
Temple of Deceit
(Theros, Manaub.gif)
Temple of Malice
(Born of the Gods, Manabr.gif)
Temple of Abandon
(Theros, Manarg.gif)
Temple of Plenty
(Born of the Gods, Managw.gif)
Temple of Silence
(Theros, Manawb.gif)
Temple of Epiphany
(Journey into Nyx, Manaur.gif)
Temple of Malady
(Journey into Nyx, Manabg.gif)
Temple of Triumph
(Theros, Manarw.gif)
Temple of Mystery
(Theros, Managu.gif)

There is a Mirrored pair spanning two sets in Returned Centaur and Forsaken Drifters. Both are Zombie cards for Mana3.gifManab.gif that mill for four cards. However, Returned Centaur does this when he enters the battlefield and can force an opponent to do so, while Forsaken Drifters do it when they die and it will always be its controller who mills. Also, Forsaken Drifters is 4/2 while the Returned Centaur is 2/4.

Theme decks

Main article: Theros/Intro packs

Theros has five bicolored intro packs: [3]

Intro pack name
Colors included
Foil rare
White Blue Black Red Green
Favors from Nyx Celestial Archon
Manipulative Monstrosities Shipbreaker Kraken
Devotion to Darkness Abhorrent Overlord
Blazing Beasts of Myth Ember Swallower
Anthousa's Army Anthousa, Setessan Hero

Hero's Path

The Hero’s Path is a players' event spanning the complete Theros block. [4] It captures the unique feel of the the mythological Hero and parallels Elspeth's quest in the storyline. Players can participate in the Hero's Path during prerelease events, FNM release events and Game Days. In each of the nine quests of the Hero's Path, they may win an unique Hero card. Collecting them, the players grow in power and become ever-increasingly more prepared for the epic conflicts at the end of each arc.

Choose a Path

In the first quest (Theros prelease) players picked their color, and received a prerelease pack (or Hero Pack) of that color: Path of Honor Manaw.gif, Wisdom Manau.gif, Ambition Manab.gif, Battle Manar.gif or Might Manag.gif. Each Prerelease pack contained one Hero card (respectively The Protector, The Philosopher, The Avenger, The Warrior and The Hunter), which weren't for use at the Prerelease. The pack also contained a playable Prerelease promo.


Gift from the Gods

At the FNM Theros Release weekend players solved a visual puzzle in their game shop to get a second Hero card (The Harvester). By connecting the stars in the starfield the combination 5/7 appeared, which represented the power and toughness of Erebos, God of the Dead.


Face the Hydra

At Theros Game Day players pitted their deck against the special Challenge deck Face the Hydra, where they finally could use their Hero cards. By winning against the Challenge deck, they won a third Hero card (The Slayer).


Master your Destiny

The fourth quest on the Hero's Path will take place at the Born of the Gods prerelease, February 1–2, 2014. The players pick their color, and receive a prerelease pack (or Hero Pack) of that color: Destined to Lead Manaw.gif, Outwit Manau.gif, Dominate Manab.gif, Conquer Manar.gif or Thrive Manag.gif. Each Prerelease pack contains one Hero card (respectively The General, The Savant, The Tyrant, The Warmonger and The Provider) and a playable Prerelease promo.

Venture into the Wilds

The fifth quest will take place during the FNM Born of the Gods Release weekend, February 7–9, 2014. The "Venture into the Wilds" puzzle poster contains clues that hint at one of the new cards featured in the set. Players who solve the puzzle to get a fifth Hero card (The Provider).

Battle the Horde

The sixth challenge is to Battle the Horde on March 1-2, 2014, at the Born of the Gods Game Day.[5] By winning against the Challenge deck, players win a sixth Hero card (The Vanquisher).

Forge a Godslayer

The seventh quest on the Hero's Path will take place at the Journey into Nyx prerelease, April 26–27, 2014. The players pick their color, and receive a prerelease pack (or Hero Pack) of that color: Forged in Glory Manaw.gif, Intellect Manau.gif, Tyranny Manab.gif, War Manar.gif or Pursuit Manag.gif. Each Prerelease pack contains a Hero Equipment card (Spear of the General, Cloak of the Philosopher, Lash of the Tyrant, Axe of the Warmonger or Bow of the Hunter) and a playable Prerelease promo. During the prerelease, players have the opportunity to win three mystical components, represented by reward stickers. These in turn give access to an "enhancement sticker" which may be used to upgrade the Hero Equipment card, thus forging one the most powerful weapons on Theros: a customized Godslayer.

Journey into Nyx

The eighth quest will take place during the FNM Journey into Nyx Release weekend, May 2–4, 2014. The "Journey into Nyx" puzzle poster contains clues that hint at one of the new cards featured in the set. Players who solve the puzzle to get a eighth Hero card (The Destined).

Defeat a God

The final challenge is to Defeat a God on May 24–25, 2014, at the Journey into Nyx Game Day. Players will be able to use three of the Hero Cards they have collected and the Godslayer that they forged at the Prerelease to complete this final quest of the Hero's Path! By winning against the Challenge deck, players win a ninth Hero card (The Champion).


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